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pin-up photography
pin-up photography


First things first - what’s it all about then?



As soon as you book you will have access to our Backstage Boudoir pages with lots of info about what to bring and how to prepare for your shoot. We have a cosy studio in our home, we are totally private although you may get a cuddle off Norman or Stan our French Bulldogs! All this makes for a really relaxed informal atmosphere, great if you’re very nervous.


As soon as you arrive, we get the kettle on and sit and have a chat about the sorts of photos you like best, what you don’t like and what look you want to achieve. We then have a delve through all your lingerie and shoes and decide which outfits are going to work best for you - I love this bit!


After this, your Make-Over artist will talk to you about the looks you like - retro, modern, smokey eye - she can do anything! Ewa or Sarah will advise you on what colours or styles would work best with your lingerie and skin tones and chat about how you’d like to have your hair styled - don’t worry if you’ve no idea - they’ll help you out! Your Make-Over will take approx 1.5-2 hours and then its Show-Time!


I will have designed your very own shot-list based on the types of photos you love, your lingerie and your body type. I leave you to change on your own and then we start! There is only me and you present during your shoot. Every shot is fully coordinated and directed by me, I shoot and re-shoot until we have nailed every shot perfectly! You don’t have to worry about posing at all - I will pose you, arrange your hair, tell you where to look, what expression to have etc - simples!


The whole photography bit will take about 30 - 120 mins depending on which package you’ve gone for. At the end, you change back into your civvies and we sit and have another chat - all done!





Will I have a female  photographer? Yes, your boudoir photographer is always Nicola.


Who will do my Make-Over and how long will it take? We have a team of highly professional make-up artists, depending on the day of your shoot you have Ewa Baberska (Evka Modern Vintage), or Sarah Lousie Elliott . Allow 1.5-2 hours for your Make-Over.


Do I have any say in the types of shots I want? We have a chat before the shoot about your fave types of photos and we’ll discuss what is most suitable for you


Can my friend come with me? You are more than welcome to bring a pal and one female friend can even sit in for the shoot with you.


How many photos do you take and do I choose the ones I want?I take about 100-300 photos spaced over the number of poses stated for the package you have booked. I then pick out the very best ones from each pose to edit. You then see your final edited images in your gallery.


If I need to change the date of my booking is my deposit transferable? Yes, if you rebook within 3 months. Your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel or don’t turn up. 


Do I need to bring my own outfits? Not necessary, we have loads of fabulous corsets, waspies, stockings, veils, gloves etc, you’ll need to bring your own black knickers and some high shoes - thats all!  If you’d rather bring your own outfits then we have lots of advice about what to buy.


I’m very shy and not sure I’m brave enough for a Boudoir Photo shoot? Everyone is shy and very nervous! - you’re only human! We do understand how scary it can be but we promise that as soon as you arrive you’ll forget your nerves and have a great time!


I’m a teacher, can you assure me that no images will go online? We always seek express permission from you before we put any images online, its totally fine if you’d rather keep them private.


Shall I have a spray tan? No! Caucasian skin always photographs much better the paler you are - believe me - it does make a HUGE difference to the quality of your images - step away from the tan!


I really need to lose weight - what's the ideal size for a shoot? Any size!!!! If you’d feel better losing a few pounds then go for it but its not necessary at all for us to achieve a gorgeous look!


Can you get rid of my tattoos? Yes, no problem at all - we can also smooth scars too if required


How long do the shoots take? For example the MyBoudoir 5 shoot will take approx 2 - 2.5 hours from the start of the Make-Over until you leave. 


How many changes of lingerie should I bring? Each package has its own number of suggested outfits to bring. You are welcome to bring more and we can chose together. If you want more outfit changes then we can always upgrade you to a bigger package or you can add extra outfits for £25.


Can I bring my hair extensions? Yes of course! Our Make-Over artists will attach them and style in with your normal hair.


How much re-touching do you do? I still want to look like me! We are very proficient at re-touching and editing - in fact this is what makes us stand out from other Boudoir photographers. We pay special attention to lumps and bumps, spots etc but we never change you so much you’re unrecognisable! You’re just a smoother more polished version of your usual self - don’t forget that make-up and lighting go a long way to achieving our final look too.


All the girls on your website are gorgeous, are they all models? No! Only about 10% of my shoots are with models - they are mostly normal everyday girls just like you!


Can I pay off my balance in instalments? Yes, as long as the full balance is paid by the day of your shoot.


Can I pay by credit card? We don’t accept credit cards at the present time but you can use your card to pay by PayPal. We also accept cash or bank transfer.


Are you qualified? Nicola is a fully qualified Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and an Associate of the Society of International Fashion & Glamour Photographers and has been a professional photographer for over 23 years.


I’ve seen much cheaper boudoir photographers advertised online - why should I choose My Boudoir? Gosh, where do I start! If you’re looking at one of the more popular ‘chain’ boudoir photo studios then they do offer ridiculously cheap shoots - of course when you look into this, the photos/albums/discs are bought separately at very inflated prices. They make their money from their products and they do persuade you to buy more. These shoots are always more expensive than MyBoudoir in the end - the photos are lovely but as you want them all it can cost you a small fortune! At MyBoudoir we include everything you want up front - stunning Make-Over, Digital images and lots of fun!


Do you do Groupon Deals? No, discounts sites are great if you are a photographer starting out in Boudoir and want to build your portfolio, we are busy the whole year round so don't need to offer deals - we prefer to concentrate on a high quality service and professional beautiful photographs! 


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