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BRAND NEW! Remote Digital Fantasy Shoots!

This is a new service I offer where we use your own photo to make some amazing digital/AI art - you don't need to attend our studio so its perfect for anyone who lives far away from us - even you gals and guys overseas! Its £75 per image and then £60 per extra image after that. This is payable on initial booking - click here to pay and then email me your themes at (payment is in £, not $ or Euros)

How it works:

1 - We chat online about what theme you want

2 - I work my digital magic with the scene and figure (this can take up to 2 days)

3 - I then email you back with specific instructions as to how to take your own photo - you will need a smart phone with a good camera or a digital camera.

4 - I then add your face into the image I have created to give a unique fabulous image you can share! This can take one more day and then I email you back with the finished image! Open to all ages and genders and if you've been for a shoot here before we can sometimes use one of those images too - saves you a selfie!

I use a combination of Photoshop and an AI program - this means that we can create almost anything you like! See the images above for examples of this combination at work. All these were created by me using Photoshop and AI. This is different to using one of the AI apps as this morphs your own face into their designs, I use an image of your own ACTUAL face. All facial images are edited to my usual high standard. If you'd like to visit us here and have your make-up done especially and then your photo(s) taken we have a special package for that! Click here for details!


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