Dani Divine and the JD Bottle!

One of my latest edits - I love this pin-up idea of placing a girl astride a bottle - i've seen it done a lot of times with Champagne (see below) but fancied showcasing Miss Dani Divine in a different light! She's an alternative model who loves a sip of Jack! Follow my MyBoudoir Facebook Page for loads more fun images and feedback. Here was my inspiration for this image:

Pure Pin-Up

One of my passions is for pin-up photography, I love how creative you can get with backgrounds and props! I mocked this image up yesterday from a photograph I had taken of October Divine last year. They do take a while to do but its sooooo enjoyable!! Have a look at my MyBoudoir Facebook Page for lots more recent images x

She's a Model.... or is she????

Here is Clare - a recent boudoir client - age 34 and NOT a model, never had a photoshoot before and was just as nervous as everyone else coming for a shoot - no she didn't have any more body confidence than anyone else, no, she didn't know how to pose - yes, we did everything for her! Doesn't she look incredible? Here at MyBoudoir we pose you, make you up and do everything we can to give you an incredible set of images you'll love! Do have a look at our Facebook Page for lots of feedback and more images - MyBoudoir Facebook Page

Georgina Potter and the Sexy Hallows!

I do love having a bit of fun with my shoots!!! Georgina brought her amazing Harry Potter costume and we did a kind of pin-up Potter mock-up! Lots of post-editing work on this one as you can see from the image below! If you have a fun idea or smething amazing you'd like to re-create then do get in touch! Photography by MyBoudoir MUAH by Sarah Elliott with Georgina Horne from Fullerfigureullerbust

On the Cover of a Magazine...

Just found out we have another cover image on Vintage Boudoir Magazine - above is our last cover with this particular mag. I do like a cover feature, in fact I think all my images are cover worthy ha ha!!! Look out for this great magazine, its out in mid Jan. My new cover girl is the gorgeous Romanie Smith - can't wait to see it!

One of our 'muses' - Georgina!

One of our last shoots before Christmas was with the gorgeous Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust - a GREAT fashion blog for larger busted ladies - i'm busy editing these images at the moment so I thought i'd share a shot from our last shoot with Georgie. We love shooting her at MyBoudoir, of course Georgina is very beautiful but she has such a typical body shape for our core clientele that I like to show how all you larger ladies can look here on one of our shoots. Also as Georgie is a fashion blogger she gets to review some gorgeous lingerie and often brings it with her to shoots! Like this 'Carmen Rose' set from Curvy Kate.

Welcome to MyBoudoir!

Welcome to all our new followers! Isn't this image just beautiful? Me and my 2 make-up artists got together and had a fun shoot day for our friends - we wanted to show that anyone can have a shoot at MyBoudoir! Our friends in this image range from 22 to 44 and from a size 8 to a size 18 - I just love how cuddly and giggly they look! This is at the heart of what we hope to achieve here - big smiles and oodles of confidence! Have a good look round our website for all sorts of interesting info about our shoots. We'd also love your feedback so if you have anything you want to ask then just fire away!!!

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